Aravali Foundation for Education (AFE) is an organization dedicated to creating a civil society that is conscious of the problem of (and possible solutions to) the steady degradation of earth’s unique ability to provide various forms of life with a livable habitat.

Set up in October 2004, AFE strives to achieve its mandate by designing and implementing innovative programs aimed at bridging the information divide that exists between the world of conservation research and the civil society on one hand, and between conservation research and the policy making establishment on the other.

AFE proactively seeks to bring together institutions from diverse fields of education, conservation, science and business on a common platform to work together and enhance human and institutional capabilities for addressing environmental concerns.

Headquartered at New Delhi, AFE has field offices in Kullu (H.P.), Sirmaur (H.P.) and Jodhpur (Raj.).

What's New

Teacher Training Workshop Series on Teaching Mathematics with Origami
Series of 5 basic training workshops followed up by One Special Master Trainer Workshop for selected Participants of all workshops.

National Award for Innovation in Urban Green Spaces

AFE and IUCN, India collaborate to develop educational publications on coral reefs

National Urban Green Spaces Fellowship Program

Vacation Program on Natural Resources for Nagpur

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