Communications and Outreach


Communication and outreach efforts do not receive as much emphasis as they deserve in most Indian institutions associated with management of natural resources. This is either due to a lack of appreciation of the importance of effective outreach communication or due to lack of in-house skills required for effective outreach planning and delivery, or both.

Inadequate outreach and communication efforts results in inadequate impact of various initiatives in terms of developing a stronger constituency of support for conservation amongst the civil society.

AFE's Communication and Outreach Division, apart from serving AFE's own outbound communication need, also helps other organisations to design effective outreach strategies and implement them in a an effective manner by ensuring quality of content and its presentation. Apart from its in-house publications, AFE also produces and publishes the official newsletter of the Biotech News, Department of Biotechnology, Government of India; CONNECT, Indo-US Science and Technology Forum; ENSEMBLE, Indo-French Centre for the Promotion of Advanced Research and AMDA, Association of Municipalities and Development Authorities.

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