Centre for Urban Green Spaces

leavesbrochureCities now account for more than 50% of global population making cities far more significant as focal points of environmental action and advicacy than they were a few decades ago. Urban green spaces play a fundamentally important role in improving the environmental quality, energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal of urban landscapes apart from being important repositiries of flora and fauna. Indian subcontinent is also in the middle of unprecedented rate and levels of urbanisation.

As India urbanizes rapidly, there is an urgent need to recognize and fully exploit the potential of urban green spaces to improve the quality of our cities and as a result, quality of life for an increasingly large share of our population.

Center for Urban Green Spaces at the AFE is committed to:
  •          Promoting a higher appreciation of the role of urban green spaces amongst urban planners, policy makers and citizens.
  •          Working with urban civic agencies to optimize the flow of tangible and intangible benefits of urban green spaces that can be enjoyed by proximate communities.
  •          Collate, analyze and disseminate useful information about technical, managerial and social aspects of urban green spaces.

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